Frequently Asked Questions


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What is this?

Make _____, Not War is a platform for anyone to support War Child with their creative idea or activity. It's the starting blocks, not the finish line. The soil, not the seed. The road, not the car.  

We want to co-create. The logo, font and more available for download at so that there is no limit on your creativity.

Do I have to register my event?

No, but it is helpful for us. We like knowing what great ideas you have. It's also fun for us to follow along on social media, and we like to be able to check in with you afterwards to find out how it went. 

Do i have to be a part of a group?

No. You can do it by yourself. 

Where does the money go?

Any funds you might raise will support War Child's programming. You can read more about how this breaks down at

Can you provide speakers/staff?

It depends. We are a small team based in Toronto, and the rest of our team is made up of local staff in the countries where we work. Whether or not we are able to send a speaker or staff member will depend on location, timing, expected fundraising revenue, etc. If you believe your event is a great opportunity, please get in touch using the contact page. 


When is this happening?

It's not a one-off event. You can organize your event or activity whenever you want. Protest during a Monday rush hour, do yoga at sunrise, or play the harmonica in the middle of the night for your insomniac Instagram followers. Your call.  

Do I have to raise money?

No. It's also about raising awareness about the unique needs of children living with the effects of war. We do think that you should always give people the option to donate, and be prepared to help these generous people if they ask for help.

Remember, the number one reason people don't give, is because they weren't asked.

is there a hashtag?

No. Because each event or activity is unique, feel free to make your own! It would be great if you can tag our official account though so that we can see what you're up to and give you an RT or Like.

Who can do this?

Anyone. This is a platform for anyone to get involved and support War Child's mission to protect children in war zones.

Regardless of age, location or income, we believe everyone should be able to participate. Whether you're a high school in Toronto or a book club in Nanaimo – it's for you.